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Tips For House Hunting Online

Let me be frank: house-hunting online can be a complete pain for realtors and clients alike. There have been many instances when people come to me saying they found a home they absolutely love on websites like Zillow, but the listing was posted a couple days ago, or maybe even a week ago. While these… Continue reading Tips For House Hunting Online

Are You Ready To Sell?

Why Move?

Traveling and adventure can cost us a great deal of time and money, and moving to a new place is no different. I’ve known many people who’ve moved just down the road, and others who decided to cross the globe to where they are now. But one thing remains consistent: the sense of adventure. Everyone… Continue reading Why Move?

To Rent or To Buy?

A lot of people think they can’t afford to buy a house, but right now, buying is the better option of the two. Why put money into a property you’ll gain nothing out of? “But I don’t have enough money for a down payment! Aren’t you supposed to put down at least 20%?” If I… Continue reading To Rent or To Buy?

The “Before You Buy” Guide