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Why Move?

Adventure is worthwhile in itself.

– Amelia Earhart

Traveling and adventure can cost us a great deal of time and money, and moving to a new place is no different. I’ve known many people who’ve moved just down the road, and others who decided to cross the globe to where they are now. But one thing remains consistent: the sense of adventure.

Everyone has been there; the countless boxes and the hours filling them, or even the stress of moving tired and hungry children from one place to another. It can feel daunting, terrifying even, but nothing can beat the sense of accomplishment after everything is done. That is an adventure.

Compare it to a hike. You start out confident, determined to reach the top of the mountain. As miles pass, it becomes apparent that you’re further than you were before, but it’s no where near the destination. Then, you doubt yourself: “Can I really do this?”, “Is this worth it?”. Finally, the hill crests and you can see the top, the end is near, and it feels euphoric. Your last burst of energy kicks in to finish it off, and suddenly, you’re swiftly jogging up the hill. You’ve made it. All the hard work paid off and you’re finally where you are meant to be.

A hike is like moving to a new home. Whether you’re moving a couple miles or thousands, the task is frightening. It wears on your endurance, and sometimes, it can actually feel like you have been jogging up a mountain.

So, why move? The adventure and the accomplishment you feel when you’ve finally made it to the top.

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