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Interior Design: Black is the New White!

Who doesn’t like black? It’s elegant, dignified, and currently a new trend in a lot of interior design models. While white has long been the color destination for chic, luxury design, black is making a come-back.

White is a fine look if want a luxurious take to your rustic country-style home, but it proves to be a lot of work. White uncovers every spot and blemish to an otherwise gorgeous home. Even with the best cleaning supplies, it’s sure to be a hassle to produce a home that looks spic and span 100% of the time.

Black is an anomaly where one’s home can look just as refined as a white-painted home without the need to worry about every imperfection.

Furthermore, black can go with just every other color. While white also has this ability, as we know, it may present with difficulties. For example, a white kitchen can look glorious, but not every appliance can mix well with a plain decor. Black, on the other hand, can almost always suit appliances of different colors. Black countertop with a silver dishwasher? It looks magnificent. Or maybe you really like that red espresso maker; well it brightens up behind the black as well!

White can make some decor or appliances look washed out. But be warned, black has the ability to make everything stand out! (Except tomato sauce spills, of course)

Whether you want to choose white, black, or even a navy blue to your home, everyone has their opinions and their styles. What’s not debatable, though, is the fact that black is becoming more of a popular trend for decor in the recent years, and it looks fabulous! So, why not give black it’s come-back?

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